Department of religious expertise

The Department of the expert of theology is a structural unit of the apparatus of the committee. Control over the activities of the Department of religious expertise (in the future - the Department) is carried out by the chairman of the committee. The department carries out its activities in accordance with the regulations “on the committee on Religious Affairs under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Decree No. 196 of 23 April 2004, Decree No. 10 of the Cabinet of Ministers “on measures to improve the implementation of activities in the field of preparation, import and distribution The department is headed by the head of the department, who is appointed and released by the chairman of the committee. The department is subject to the chairman of the committee.

Main objectives and objectives of the Department

The main purpose of the department is to coordinate the interaction of state bodies with religious organizations and to organize the implementation of control over the implementation of the legislation on conscience land and religious organizations, expert examination of religious products (press and electronic publications, audio, video cassettes, SD, DVD and other discs) issued in the Republic or imported from abroad.


Control over the implementation of the law"on Land of conscience and religious organizations" and other decisions related to the sphere by non-religious organizations;

cooperates in the preparation of documents necessary for the state registration of non-religious organizations and carries out control over their registration process;

ensuring the establishment of cooperation between state bodies and institutions and non-governmental religious organizations operating on the territory of the Republic;

to control the compliance of the lectures of religious organizations with the current issues of internal and external policy of the government of Uzbekistan, the development of society;

cooperation in the creation of conditions for the free worship of members of the non-religious organization registered in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation, for the fulfillment of religious and national duties, for the organization of visits to holy places;

non-governmental organizations, especially religious sectors to prevent the conduct of missionary actions, Organization of meetings and conversations with the leaders of the organization;

control of broadcast, video and audio cassettes brought to the Republic in accordance with the established procedure;

preparation of expert conclusions on the materials provided by law enforcement bodies and other competent organizations, departments;

to study the essence and content of religious literature, works prepared for publication in the Republic, articles on religious topics covered in the Press, shows on television and give expert conclusions about them;

On the basis of the instructions of the chairman of the committee, he performs other duties.

Rights and responsibility of the Department

Head of Department on behalf of Department:

to provide representation and negotiate on behalf of the committee within the framework of the tasks assigned to the Department;

regular equal partnership with other departments in order to carry out the assigned tasks;

make proposals on the selection and placement of the employees of the department, the creation of sufficient conditions for their work, the correct payment of wages, as well as the encouragement of the employees of the department and the measures for administrative punishment;

it has other rights that are not prohibited by law.

Head of Department on behalf of Department:

Timely fulfillment of the tasks of the chairman of the committee within his competence;

execution of tasks and issues assigned to the department, carrying out work on the basis of legislation, as well as this regulation;

determination of the level of responsibility of the employees of the department in the certificate of positions;

Storage and effective use of all material-technical and other means allocated by the committee;

it is obliged to perform activities and tasks within the limits of its competence within the prescribed period.

The head of the department carries out control over the general activities of the department and is responsible for the timely implementation of the tasks assigned to the department in accordance with the legislation.