It is worth noting that until today, representatives of the working group of Uzbekistan have prepared all the conditions in the valleys of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa for our pilgrims to perform the great prayer. 

For this purpose, certain members of the working group and doctors have already visited these blessed valleys and are ready to welcome our pilgrims. 

In particular, comforts such as "Sofa bed" (pillow and soft bed), "Martaba" (bed), and air conditioner have been made for our pilgrims in Mina and Arafat valleys. 

Also, medical centers with all conditions, 3 hot meals and 24-hour supply of tea and soft drinks will be established. It is planned to distribute special beds and umbrellas to pilgrims in Muzdalif. 

Until now, the leaders of the field have explained in detail about the exemplary management of Hajj processes, compliance with established procedures and Shariah issues to the members of the working group, elders and doctors.

We remind you that our future pilgrims will perform the main pillars of Hajj on Friday, June 14 in the Mina valley, and on Saturday, June 15, in the Arafat and Muzdalifa valleys.