During the meeting, special attention was paid to the level of services provided to pilgrims, the comfort and cleanliness of the rooms, the location of the seats, the capacity of the kitchens, meeting the sanitary and hygiene requirements, the quality of food products, and the continuity of transport services. 

Heads of the field visited the medical centers established in each hotel and gave orders to pay particular attention to the pilgrims' health, examining the processes of physical preparation for the Hajj, medical examinations and medicines.

During the studies, he talked with our compatriots and listened to their opinions about the facilities provided for them to perform prayers smoothly.

During the talks, our future pilgrims admitted that they were very happy with the personal attention of the head of our state, that the season was thoroughly prepared in every way, and that all opportunities were provided.

Our compatriots expressed that they feel the support of our government at every step while performing Haj prayers. Noting that they were extremely happy when our President received information about the status of pilgrims by phone, they said that they would pray for the nation in the blessed addresses.    

In the end, the leaders of the field gave a serious task and important recommendations to the working group, the elders and the team of doctors.