Current year on March 14 , 2018, Leading expert of Cambridge Central Asia Forum under the Cambridge University in the UK, Shirin Akiner visited the Committee of Religious Affairs.

Chairman of the Committee gave detailed information about the creative work carried out in Uzbekistan in the recent years, achievements and plans for the future.

Shirin Akiner dwelled on the ongoing reforms in Uzbekistan, particularly in the field of Islamic studies, and on the priorities of the head of state Sh.M.Mirziyoev in five priorities of Uzbekistan's development, and said that these good deeds will make a significant contribution to the development of Uzbekistan.

Dr.Shirin Akiner emphasized that touristic tourism in Uzbekistan has been widely used for the tourism industry, the introduction of visa-free system with a number of countries, and, in particular, the emphasis on tourism tourism in order to promote the world-renowned scholars of Uzbekistan, promoting the spiritual heritage of the country to the world.

Press service of

Committee of Religious Affairs