Current year on November 29,  suggestion of the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the Committee of Religious Affairs was held a meeting with professor of the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) Chris Cyple.

The guest was received by the Chairman of the Committee on Religious Affairs A.Yusupov and Vice-Chairman U. Khasanbayev.

After the meeting, O.Yusupov said that thanks to the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, it was possible to organize several meetings with the guests of the event and mentioned the meeting with the Ukrainian delegation held the day before. Asked about the familiarity of Ch.Cyple with Uzbekistan, A.Yusupov shared with the guest information related to the development of religious relations in the country in the last period of time.

Ch.Cyple thanked for the information provided, said that, indeed, now for Uzbekistan the time of great changes has come. Speaking about this, Ch.Cyple mentioned that his doctoral dissertation was devoted to the relationship between the US and Uzbekistan, and in this case his early visits to Uzbekistan were very helpful.

A.Yusupov told Ch.Cyple that the Committee of Religious Affairs together with the US Embassy in Tashkent are planning to organize a joint conference in the near future devoted to religious tolerance and invited him to participate in the event.

Ch.Cyple thanked for the reception and expressed the wish to continue the development of mutual relations.

The meeting was held in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

Press-service of Committee