Current year from 7 to 23 August, all organizational issues for the pilgrimage of 7,346 pilgrims from Uzbekistan were resolved.

The event is being held in accordance with the decisions of the Public Council on organization and holding of Hajj and Umrah events.

Before the trip to our pilgrims were presented special clothes and bags, symbols of the state and a video of hajj.

All pilgrims were examined and vaccinated with necessary vaccines.

On July 28, the initial working group of 10 people sent a delegation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to address organizational issues for pilgrims.

For our pilgrims, there are hotels in Makkah and Medina. Transportation, food support and medical care are provided to pilgrims. The hotel has a well-equipped kitchen and a health center.

Each 49 pilgrims are assigned to one experienced team leader (headman).

The pilgrims also have a working group of 35 people, 35 doctors and 15 cookers.

On August 7, 459 pilgrims from Tashkent and Namangan will be admitted to Madina on two flights.

A special headquarters has been set up at the Novza mosque in Tashkent to organize Hajj pilgrimage.

Pilgrims are scheduled to return from 8 to 24 September on Hajj pilgrimage.

The last flight of the Haj-2017 pilgrims is planned to bring back 74 participants of the Second World War and their accompanying tour to our homeland by the first flight.


Department of International Relations