Current year on  April 15-16, all Christian religious organizations conducting their activities on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan widely celebrated Easter Holiday.

 Traditionally, the Orthodox, Catholic and Armenian Apostolic churches began to celebrate on the evening of April 15.

Thus, in Orthodox religious organizations, events began at 11 pm. The main events took place in the Holy Dormition Cathedral of the city of Tashkent under the leadership of the Metropolitan of Tashkent and Uzbekistan Vikenty.

In Catholic parishes, the celebration began at 8 pm. The main mass was held in the Roman Catholic Center by Bishop Matsulevich.

Proceeding from the fact that only one priest of the Armenian Apostolic Church conducts its activity in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the events in the cities of Tashkent and Samarkand were held in turn. So, if the celebration of Easter in Samarkand was held on April 15, the celebrations in Tashkent were already held on April 16 under the guidance of Father Hovhannes.

 The celebration of Easter was also held in other Christian communities of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

 According to the information received, about 20 thousand people took part in the events dedicated to the Holy Easter in the Republic.

Holy Easter events was held in a solemn and peaceful atmosphere.


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