President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the architectural complex of Bakhouddin Naqshband, one of our greatest thinkers. 

In times of the old regime, this sacred place was left in ruins. During the years of independence, wide-scale works have been carried out to revive national, cultural and spiritual values, to restore historical monuments. At the initiative of First President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov this shrine has been repaired in 1993 on the occasion of the 675th birth anniversary of Bakhouddin Naqshband. As a result of complete restoration, the original appearance of tombs, mausoleums, mosques, terraces and madrassas was recreated, the whole complex acquired an attractive look. 
According to custom, the Qur’an verses were recited. 
The President of our country gave appropriate instructions to the responsible officals to turn this memorial complex into an even more pleasant abode. 
The contribution of Bukhara to the development of world civilization and Islamic culture is immeasurable. This land was home to many outstanding scientists and thinkers, theologians. A special department of the Tashkent Islamic University should be established in order to facilitate deep study and wide propaganda of the rich cultural heritage of these ancestors, the Head of our state said.

Abu Bakir Urozov, UzA